Thursday, June 30, 2011

Anger Disorders - What Are They All About?

Anger disorders are a really problem in the 21st century. As a race of beings capable of reason, humanity is essentially fragile and it is vulnerable to the effects of emotion. For each type of emotion, the person ends up struggling with it since emotion itself can seriously impact his or her ability to think reasonably. One of the more notable emotions know to man is anger, which is directly related to the person's psychological interpretation of having been denied, wronged or offended, and in many cases anger results retaliation (which commonly involved violence or some form of danger). Under this type of emotion is the condition called anger disorder (also identified as Intermittent Explosive Disorder or IED), which is defined as the inability on the part of the person to control his or her anger. People suffering from anger disorders often struggle to moderate or calm themselves down, and in many cases they tend to have bouts of exploding rage that involves an event (example: an incident) that triggers it.


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