Thursday, June 17, 2010

PLR Articles – How They Benefit Small Businesses

A new website is supplying marketers with a large quantity of PLR articles at dirt-cheap prices. They are allowing marketers to purchase over 10, 976 PLR articles. The website claims that marketers and newspaper distribution services will never have to worry about content again about buying this mega sized content in bulk.

PLR articles or better known as private label rights articles are used for easy content on website, books, or newspapers. The reason a lot of people like to use them is that they are often very affordable (cheaper than you would get for an original article) and can usually be supplied in bulk. The disadvantage however (only if you want it to be unique) is that you have to rewrite the PLR articles so that yours is as different from the original as possible.

Marketers love PLR articles because they save time. In this fast paced society loaded with fast foods and fast cars, PLR articles are like the Mc Donald’s of content. Companies like the idea that they can quickly get content at low prices and then usually pay their staff or outsource to have the content rewritten for use. Some marketers outsource to the Philippines to have their PLR articles rewritten for them. The advantage of that is that you save money but the disadvantage is that they may not be native English speakers the article may not have the best quality. But if the intent were to rewrite in bulk then that would be the better road to take. supplies these PLR articles with the idea that marketers and content publishers will have all the content that they will ever need when they have the PLR content that this site offers. They also claim that Internet marketers will be able to automatically put their content unto their Wordpress blogs. Auto-blogging has become a technique that is quite popular in the marketing world with thousands of marketers using this technique to feed their websites while they sleep. The site has a lot of positive testimonials and the creator of it seems to be on the Warrior forum, which is a very popular forum for Internet marketers. The content creator has done article writing services for other marketers in the past and based on the feedback it seems he lives up to his word.

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